Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Mokkai’s : SMS Collection’s Part 1

My Mokkai

Some of My Mokkai(Blund or PJ)  SMS

Puffs has 4 ends,

samosa has 3 ends,

Molaga(chilli) Bajji has 2 ends,

but our friendship has

no end

like BONDA….

In a London hospital a doctor was dismissed for reading a book.
The book is …..
How to become a doctor in 30 days…???
What is the depth of friendship ?
its when ur best friend runs with ur lover and…u miss ur friend .!
How to kill a girl ?
Give her a
beautiful dress ,
Nice jewelry ,
Costly cosmetics,And lock her in a room.
with out mirror.. Its enough :-
A prof to stud: Wat is ‘attention deficit hyperactive disorder’?
Stu: jimbalakadi bamba
prof:I don understand anything
Stu: neenga sonadu matum enaku Purinjatha (”I also did not understand what u said “)
Its a fact tat wen baby is born,doctors slap its face 2 make it start breathing,rare xceptional cases lik urs,wen u wer born doctor slaped himself…
Engineering Students life:
1st yr:
mAchan NexT mnth sem.. Have 2 Start studying..
2nd yr:
macHan next week sem.. have 2 start studying..
3rd yr:
machan tomorrow is semester, have 2 start studying.. 4th year: In another 15 mins semester starts.. what is t syllabus da?

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