Tuesday, October 6, 2009

M J’s Photo Funia : Go mania


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Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Wife according to Movies

I Know I am not eligible for this blog since I am not married or have a gal friend. Let me tryout some questions:)  - It’s yet another my office blog context :)
Describe her:  My Sassy Girl
Describe both of you together: Kate & Leopod / Another Cinderella Story
In matters of life, how would you describe both of you together? : Tom & Jerry
How do you feel when she is around you: 17 Again
Describe where you currently live, in her context: Sweet Home Alabama
If you could go with her anywhere, where would you go: 50 First Dates
Your favorite form of transportation when you want to go out with her: cars
What is one secret she knows about you: My Super Ex-Girlfriend
What is one thing she hates about you: That Thing You Do!
What’s the weather like, when she is with you: Sillunu Oru Kaadhal ( A Cool Love Story)
Your fear: Meet the Parents
What is a gift she expects you to give, but you haven’t given: What a Girl Wants
Thought for the Day, influenced by her: Trapped in Paradise
How long would you live with her: Happily Ever After
How you would like to die: Over Her Dead Body
Your soul’s present condition: Never Been Kissed
Gals, I am still a eligible Bachelor that’s why the “Catch me if you can” lolz

Friday, September 25, 2009

[meme] :: My Life according to Movies

This was a MEME contest held in My Office blog ;)
Check Out My Cool Answers

The Contest is to Describe My Life according to Movies


Describe Yourself: ‘Hitch’

How do you feel: 'Gods Must Be Crazy'

Describe where you currently live: ‘Behind Enemy Lines

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: ‘10,000 B.C’

Your favorite form of transportation: ‘Sundara Travels’

Your best friend is: 'Charlie's Angels'

You and your friends are: 'Schools for scoundrels'

What’s the weather like: ‘Days of Thunder’

Favorite time of day: ‘When Nature Calls'

What is life to you: 'Gone in 60 Seconds'

Your fear: 'The Day after Tomorrow'

What is the best advice you have to give: ‘Die another Day'

Thought for the Day: 'Return to Me'

How you would like to die: 'Four Weddings & A Funneral'

Your soul’s present condition: ‘Never Been Kissed'

Monday, August 24, 2009

Top 5 Next Generation Tamil Heroes

5.Kanal Kannan


4. RK


3. J.K Ritish


2. Jay



1. Prathap


image006 guindy-01

Image Courtesy : Suleka.com, India Glitz.com

Friday, June 26, 2009

My Mokkai : SMS Collection Part 3

My Mokkai

கடவுள் எப்போ TENSION ஆவாரு தெரியுமா ? கல்யாணமாகாத கன்னி பொண்ணு கர்பமா இருக்குறப்போ அவளோட அம்மா , அட கடவுளே இப்படி பண்ணிட்டியே - நூ சொல்லும் போது!..

Raja & rani didn't have mob's,
so dey used pigeons. 1day rani sent a pigeon without legs.. Do u know y ?

It was a 'Missed Call'..
NO NO NO, don cry...

Senthil: Curent Off analum Konja nerm erira Mathiri oru Bulb Kodunga. Salesmam:Athu Eppadi sir?

Senthil:Fan off Analum konja Neram Suthuthu illa Appdi..

Busla seat Irundhum ninnukite vandhen...

En theriyuma?

Seatla ellarum ukanthu irunthanga!

Kaduppa irukka?
Enakum ipdi than anupunanga.

VADIVEL : Thambi intha thervula punchar enga ottuvaanganu theriyuma ? 

PARTHIBAN : tubela enga otai irukko, anga thaan ottuvanga .. !

Difference between Ignorance

When u see the mirror u dont laugh at urself-ignorance

when i look at u i dont laugh-patience


Boy: Kadhal vanthal
solli anuppu..

Girl: Varalaina?

Boy: Sms'la un thangachi  numberanuppu
Confidence ma

Boy: Appa Appa Schoola Oru figure Enna Adichuta Pa..   

Father: Miss Kitta Complaint Pannu.
Boy: Addichathe Andha figure Than Pa..

Father: ??

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Mokkai’s : SMS Collection’s Part 2

My Mokkai

My Mokkai’s : SMS Collection Series 1

Some of My Mokkai(Blund or PJ)

நீங்க அறிவாளினா இந்த கேள்விக்கு பதில் சொல்லுங்க பார்க்கலாம் பட்டி வடசுட்ட story la வடைய சுட்டது

1.காக்காவா ?

2.பாட்டிய ?

3.வடசாட்டிய ?.

I found d perfect example for newton 3rd law..Every time i open my book my eyes close automatically…..
12 வருடத்திற்கு 1 முறை பூக்கும் குறிஞ்சி மலர் kuda உங்கள் புன்னகையை பார்த்தால் , 1 நாளுக்கு 12 முறை பூக்கும்.சிரிப்பா பாரு, இப்படி எல்லாம் சிரிச்ச பூக்கவே பூகத்து .
How to Kill a ANT? Mix chilli powder wid sugar n give it 2 d ant. After having dat it wil search 4 water.D ant wil go insearch of water sumwhere near a water tank.Wen d ant goes near d tank,push the ant in2 it.Now d ant

who’s fully soaked in water ‘ll go 2 dry itself near fire.Wen d ant reaches near fire,put a bomb in2 d fire,

so dat it gets wounded.Then u admit d  wounded ant in ICU.Remove d oxygen mask from the mouth n kill d ant. :)

Read it carefully. I am sure you will not judge the climax…MOM: Wake up, son. Its time to go to school.
SON: Y Mom? I dont want to go to school.
MOM: Give me two reasons y u dont want to go to school. SON: One, all the children hate me. Two, all the teachers hate me.
MOM: Oh! Thats not a reason. Come on, you have 2 go 2 school.
SON: Give me two reason y i should go 2 school?
MOM:one,u r 52yrs old and Two,u r d Principal of d school :) !
College  students bore adichu pogum idangal:1st bench students: lets go to prepare for MBA entrance.2nd bench: Dai unga vituku pogalam da.3rd bench students: Maapla padathuku polam.

Last bench singa kuttigal: Machan bore adikuthu collegeku pogalam va.

A real Love letter: Kanmani anboda kathalan nan adikkum whisky, illa Rum, venam brandy nu vachiko…Ponnmani unn veetla kudichiyaa.. Naan inga kudichiten..,Unnai ninaicha bothai aruvi mathri kottuthu, adha sollathan brandy pattha maten guthu.

Abirami, Abirami.

Naduvula Gin, Wine, Beer ellam adichiko..

Enaku entha sarakku adichalum udambuku othukum ana unn udambuku  othukuma..

Abirami.. Abirami.. Manithan unarnthukkolla ithu kalla saraku alla.

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My Mokkai’s : SMS Collection’s Part 1

My Mokkai

Some of My Mokkai(Blund or PJ)  SMS

Puffs has 4 ends,

samosa has 3 ends,

Molaga(chilli) Bajji has 2 ends,

but our friendship has

no end

like BONDA….

In a London hospital a doctor was dismissed for reading a book.
The book is …..
How to become a doctor in 30 days…???
What is the depth of friendship ?
its when ur best friend runs with ur lover and…u miss ur friend .!
How to kill a girl ?
Give her a
beautiful dress ,
Nice jewelry ,
Costly cosmetics,And lock her in a room.
with out mirror.. Its enough :-
A prof to stud: Wat is ‘attention deficit hyperactive disorder’?
Stu: jimbalakadi bamba
prof:I don understand anything
Stu: neenga sonadu matum enaku Purinjatha (”I also did not understand what u said “)
Its a fact tat wen baby is born,doctors slap its face 2 make it start breathing,rare xceptional cases lik urs,wen u wer born doctor slaped himself…
Engineering Students life:
1st yr:
mAchan NexT mnth sem.. Have 2 Start studying..
2nd yr:
macHan next week sem.. have 2 start studying..
3rd yr:
machan tomorrow is semester, have 2 start studying.. 4th year: In another 15 mins semester starts.. what is t syllabus da?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Me & Trisha : The kaleidoscope Effect

 My Mokkai


Me Trisha1

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Beautiful Flowers, I clicked

 My Mokkai

Manoj - The Great One Lifting a Man for WWE John Cena’s FU Move

My Mokkai

Original Shot



Stimulated Shot



Manoj : The Game in Billa Swimming Pool Style

My Mokkai

Original - (ASAL)


Copied - (Nagal) …..