Wednesday, February 1, 2012

MEME- Bucket List

(Photo : Taken in Disney Land)
I should confess most of my bucket list is completed after coming to USA, got my iphone, ipad, laptop, ps3, went to disney land, went to SFO etc etc..... so I am sharing some more (Limited Edition)

1. Need to Watch one WWE Match , as a school kid I have been dreaming this ... this can come to true sooon

2. Go to a Night Pub, sit and sight all beautiful USA Gals ...He he

3. I wanted to live in a tree house, right now this is not possible I want to setup a small tent house inside my bedroom and live with my cutie PS3 and Naughty LED TV :D

4. I want to Build an Small Small Houses, playground, train tracks and keep it in my house show case

5. Time Travel to propose my first crush (not my chemistry teacher though :P)

6. Play in Snow, eventhough that is a wild dream for me. I want to feel and touch the snow atleast once.

7. I want to turn as Indian Jones(aahh that too old, I want to turn as Uncharted's Drake Nathan) to go in a series of adventures to find "akshaya pathram" to get endless food and milkshakess muhaaaaaaahhaaaaaaaa

8. I want to get rid of my tummy, which is practically highly less possible but trying

9. Talk in TED Show, I have to do something good or great to achive that.. Need to find my inner peace for that

10. Learn Tai Chi or Kunfu he he (I know what's running in all of your mind)

11. Go to an F1 Race and enjoy the VRooom Vrooom Live

12. Buy a 500 CC Bike and roam around Chennai

13. Take an RV and camp in yosimette jungle and barbeque Chicken, paneer and fish enjoy for one day

14. Have dinner in the middle of Pacific ocean in a Yacht with lot of friends , preferrebly Gals

15. Jump into a gal's house in mid night and suprise her with happy birthday (i never got a chance for this guys)

Enough guys the list goes more ......

Last but not least... If the world is ending by 21 Dec 2012... I should not say "I don't want to die as single"