Monday, March 8, 2010

List of Harris Jayaraj Inspired ( Copy Cat) Songs


Song : June Ponal

Movie : Unnale Unnale ( 2007)

Composer : Harris Jeyaraj


Original Song : All Rise (2001)

Composer : Boy Band

Song : Karu karu vizhigalal

Movie : Pachaikili Muthucharam (2006)


Original Song : Hit you with the real thing(2005)


Composer : Westlife

Song : Ilalai Ullasam (2007)

Movie : unnale unnale

original Song : Here Comes the hotstepper (1994)


Composer : Ini Kamoze

Song : Vaaroiyo Vaaroiya (2009)

Movie : Aadhavan


Song : Mundhinam Parthenae (2008)

Movie : Vaaranam aayiram


Original Song : Faith (1987)

Composer : George Michel

Song :  Orugalluke Pilla

Movie : Sanikudu (2006) ( Telgu)


original Song : chaiya Chaiya (1999)

Composer : A.R. Rahman

Movie : Uyire


Song : Azhiyilae Mukkulikkum Azhagae ( 2008)

Movie : Dhaam Dhoom (2008)


Original Song :  Kayyil Mithakkum

Composer : A.R.Rahman

Movie : Ratchagan (1997)

Background Theme : Stranger in Black (2005)

Movie : Anniyan


Original Theme : The Passion of The Christ (2004)


The List continues, this is just a tip of the iceberg …..


  1. he stole notes from backstreet boys!! :( too much da,,,, i thought i liked harris! i knew he lifted few tunes but bsb is jus too too much... i hv lost all d liking for him :(

  2. Thats true about copy works. The track "Thee Illai" from the movie "Engeyum Kaadhal" includes a synthesizer key (used in beginning of the song and in some parts) is only and only heard in Mr.Rahman's compositions and nowhere else. Another song "Ammali Thummali" from the movie Ko (2011) sounds like Harris Sir has reused base instrumentals of "Hasile Fasile" song in Aandhavan (2009).

  3. Then why the hell people like this copycat????????

  4. Can you please update this list post 2011?

  5. some times compossers do copy some songs,but most of the songs are his own composition,there are tons of songs which he has made of his own..............
    some times rhythm of the song may be copied,or the notes,or some other aspects,but remeber one thing many of the music directors has done this and how many of them has succeded.....? i mean coping..... stop blaming him because i think after ar rehman he is one who is really good at this subject.....
    hands up to this bro...........harris is great

  6. I really like and love Harris Jayaraj's all of his Musics and Songs and Choruses beca
    use that makes Me and My heart having many Crushes

    1. I too like his songs, just showing how he creates his music