Friday, March 5, 2010

The Unstoppable MJ’s Tweet Jan 2010


Tweets ( I remained Rants to Tweets)

1.) Last Month My Boss was on Leave, Really Happy felt like a boy in the classroom  where there in no teacher lolz

After lunch VPN got disconnected hurrrrrrrrrrrray felt like class test postponed , school days were really fun…..

2.) My Neighbor who is studying in Sathyabama University was so sad,

When asked Why Sad?, he said Reema Sen and Pooja( Tamil Heroines) are coming to his college, I was like “What, its good news dude you are grown up now, You should be happy”

He looked at me slowly and yelled : Only Gals are allowed to see heroines in my college

Me : Oops Your College is So Strict dude ?

3.) This Happened in My College Days :  I was going out of the class room

   Prof:  Enga da Pora ? ( Where aer u Going?)

     Me : Rest Room Sir

     Prof : Naan Varum pothuthan Poviya neev(Rough translation - Are you going because I am coming?)     Me : Ella sir Ennaku Varum Pothuthan Nanna Povan( With Innocent Face)

(Rough translation - No sir, am going because its coming to me)

     Prof : Unna ellam #@##@ Get Lost

     Me : Thank U sir ( again with Innocent Face)

Sorry guys could not translate this in English 

4.)  My Senior asked, Why are u starring @ the gal ? What will You do if she slaps you ?

Me  :  “Naanga ellam porakumpotha Got Slap from gals” - ( From the minute we born I am getting slaps from Gals)

She :  What ? !! How ??

Me : The Nurse Slapped Me lolz

So More experienced in this matter

5.)  My friend’s bro called him and said

Bro : Saw VTV it’s so cool

Fri :  it’s good but 2nd half not so good , over all ok movie

Bro : What the movie is so super.

Fri : yes all lovers will like this movie

Bro : Turned blue and said, yes movie is not so good and kept the phone down



6.) This poem is dedicated to my Team Mate

Disclaimer : I know only little Hindi , with that I am writing this. So Pls excuse me

Sing the Song in Kuch Kuch Hota song ( Tum passu yaya , May muskul raiya tune)

Tum Pieo Chaiya ( You Drink Tea)

May Pieo Chaiya ( Me Drink Tea)

Tum Jaavo Neecha (You Go Down)

May aavo peecha ( Me will come behind)

Kuch Kuch Chaiya Pieo ( Slowly Slowly We drink Tea)

U should say Wah Wah right now ( Tradional way to Say when somebody is saying poem)

( This is how I Call him for Tea breaks. How is it)

After hearing this poem he started talking to me in Tamil


7.) So VTV is out , the movie has so much hype and the impact was even seen in Ch1blogs, so many people writing post for its. Did the movie lived up to the hype ??

8.) Now Movies, I saw 3 idiots this weekend wow what a Movie? I felt Aamir is the luckiest one he had a Romance scene with Karishma in  Raja Hindustani now with her sister Kareena in 3 idiots lolz

9.) Sorry guys no news about Rakhi sawant, lately I heard she was on hunger strike against censor board for her item number that’s all 

That’s it from me guys as of now 

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