Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Am I ready to Meet HER?

Love Pic

All Night I was thinking about her, her memories were like an ocean surrounding the island
Am I ready to meet her tomorrow? It was a Billion dollar question that my Heart kept questioning my mind for the whole day.

The Time arrived, I rushed to the college with a heavy heart, even though I have prepared for days to meet her, I know she is very tough to win.

I entered the Class Room, I know she is angry with me, As usual I am late. I just  saw her , she was on the desk, very silent and beautiful.

I just went near her, took her in my hands and when I saw …..
Phew, my mind went blank and I started blinking….. the world, time everything in the space at once froze in the moment

And She is
““Exam Question Paper“”

Then Heard A Voice : Machi Entha Vatium Out da : This Time also Arrear only

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